Want to eat healthier?

Want to eat healthier?

Have you tried visiting a local farmers market lately?

Ever considered a crop share?

Eating local stimulates local economy and usually also means fresher foods! How so? Nutritional quality of food changes as food ages. Fresh food not only tastes better but also offers better nutritional value. Purchasing foods from farmers markets, local farmers and CSA’s may mean fresher and healthier meals for you and your family! (Find out what a crop share is here: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/)

Purchasing local food also stimulates local economy, and also allows you to get to know and trust your farmer and where your food is coming from.

Buying fresh foods and participating in a CSA may also promote healthier eating habits by increasing the amounts of fresh fruits and veggies coming through the house.

Recipes are readily available via the Internet.  Check out recipefinder.com as well!

Stay tuned for our gardening and fresh fare series this spring and summer!

Check out these websites to find farmers markets and CSA:

Check out these local Ohio CSA’s and farms:
Green Bean Delivery:  http://greenbeandelivery.com/
Fulton Farms Organic: http://www.fultonfarmsorganic.com
Full of Graze Farm:  http://www.fullofgrazefarm.com
Berry Hill Farm:  http://www.berryhillfarm.biz

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